#12 - Lee Desmond

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U21 Republic of Ireland international defender Lee joined the club ahead of the 2015 season after a spell spent with Shelbourne in the First Division.

Lee, who hails from Donaghmede in Dublin, played schoolboy football with local side Cherry Orchard where he made a name for himself before eventually joining Newcastle United in England in the summer of 2011.

Despite featuring for the side's development side regularly, Desmond was released by the Magpies in the summer of 2013. While on trial for Ipswich Town, Desmond featured in a friendly for the English side against Shelbourne and impressed the Reds' manager John McDonnell who signed the defender.

Desmond featured prominently during the 2014 season for Shelbourne and his good form was rewarded with a call-up to Noel King's Republic of Ireland U21 squad, which was quickly followed by the defender signing for Liam Buckley's side for the 2015 season.

Previous Clubs: Cherry Orchard (schoolboy), Newcastle United (2011-13), Shelbourne (2013-14).


Minutes Played

Goals Scored

Vital Stats


Date Competition Home Team Away Team
March, 6th 2015LeagueShamrock Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
February, 28th 2015PresidentsCupDundalk2St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
February, 9th 2015LeinsterSnrCupSt Patrick's Athletic7Tolka Rovers0REPORT
March, 20th 2015LeagueDundalk3St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
April, 7th 2015LeagueCupCrumlin United1St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
April, 10th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Cork City0REPORT
April, 20th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Drogheda United2REPORT
April, 24th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Sligo Rovers0REPORT
May, 22nd 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Dundalk2REPORT
May, 16th 2015LeagueBray Wanderers1St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
May, 29th 2015FaiCupSt Patrick's Athletic2Shamrock Rovers1REPORT
May, 11th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Shamrock Rovers0REPORT
May, 1st 2015LeagueGalway United1St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
June, 5th 2015LeagueDerry City0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
June, 26th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Longford Town0REPORT
June, 12th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Limerick1REPORT
June, 9th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Bohemians1REPORT
July, 2nd 2015EuropaLeagueSkonto FC2St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
July, 24th 2015LeagueSligo Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
August, 14th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Bray Wanderers0REPORT
August, 7th 2015LeagueShamrock Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
July, 31st 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Galway United1REPORT
October, 16th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Drogheda United1REPORT
October, 19th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Cork City2REPORT
April, 15th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Wexford Youths0REPORT
April, 23rd 2016LeagueBray Wanderers1St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
May, 17th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Finn Harps0REPORT
May, 13th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Longford Town3REPORT
May, 29th 2016LeagueBohemians5St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 15th 2016LeagueLongford Town0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 12th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Galway United0REPORT
August, 19th 2016FaiCupSt Patrick's Athletic2Limerick0REPORT
August, 8th 2016LeagueCupShamrock Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
May, 21st 2016FaiCupSt Patrick's Athletic8Pike Rovers0REPORT
May, 2nd 2016LeagueCupBray Wanderers2St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
April, 18th 2016LeagueCupDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
July, 9th 2016LeagueSligo Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
August, 26th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Bohemians1REPORT
September, 2nd 2016LeagueShamrock Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
September, 6th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Bray Wanderers2REPORT
September, 10th 2016FaiCupSt Patrick's Athletic3Cobh Ramblers2REPORT
July, 9th 2015EuropaLeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Skonto FC2REPORT
August, 3rd 2015LeagueCupShamrock Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
August, 17th 2015LeagueDundalk4St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 21st 2015FaiCupCork City4St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
August, 28th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Derry City1REPORT
September, 17th 2016LeagueCupLimerick1St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
October, 23rd 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Sligo Rovers2REPORT
September, 5th 2015LeagueLimerick3St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 31st 2015LeagueCork City3St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
September, 9th 2015LeinsterSnrCupSt Patrick's Athletic4Crumlin United0REPORT
September, 19th 2015LeagueCupGalway United0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
September, 27th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Sligo Rovers0REPORT
October, 2nd 2016FaiCupSt Patrick's Athletic1Cork City3REPORT
October, 7th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Wexford Youths1REPORT
October, 11th 2016LeagueFinn Harps1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
October, 14th 2016LeagueBray Wanderers2St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
October, 21st 2016LeagueCork City3St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
October, 17th 2016LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Cork City1REPORT
March, 3rd 2017LeagueDrogheda United2St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
March, 10th 2017LeagueSligo Rovers1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
April, 10th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Cork City0REPORT
August, 17th 2015LeagueDundalk4St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 28th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Derry City1REPORT
August, 31st 2015LeagueCork City3St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
April, 10th 2015LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Cork City0REPORT

01/10/2015Desmond Named in U'21 Squad
10/03/2015Desmond Named in U21 Squad