Local Election Candidates Commit to a Better Inchicore

The local elections take place on May 24. We are asking candidates in our area to make the commitment set out below and we will publish here the names of all candidates who do so. Check back for updates so you can take this into account in deciding how to cast your vote.

As a football club, St Patrick's Athletic does not endorse the policies of any political party or candidate, but we believe our supporters should know which candidates have agreed to the commitment we asked them to make.

"If I'm elected to Dublin City Council, I commit to doing everything I can to ensure that the Council will work with St Patrick's Athletic and the local community to ensure that St Michael's Estate is developed in conjunction with Richmond Park so as to deliver a real transformation of Inchicore in a way that will meet all the needs that have been identified for the area".

Candidates who have made this commitment to date are listed below. We would be delighted to hear from further candidates who wish to be added to the list. We also acknowledge the support and advice of Derek Keating who is a Fine Gael candidate in the Palmerstown-Fonthill area of South Dublin County Council.


Ballyfermot-Drimnagh Local Electoral Area

Eoin Neylon
Fianna Fáil
Michael O'Sullivan
Richard Murray

Kimmage-Rathmines Local Electoral Area

Cllr Ruairí McGinley
Sarah Lipsett

South-West Inner City Local Electoral Area

Cllr Rebecca Moynihan
Michael Pidgeon
Green Party


As a football club it's not our business to tell you how to vote, and we won't. We take no view on the policies of any political party or candidate. However, we believe you're entitled to be well informed on this critical issue for Inchicore, and you can decide for yourself how to take it into account in casting your vote. We are aware of claims that are being made by some candidates to back up a refusal to support us. These claims don't stack up and we want to give you the facts so that you'll be well-armed when you hear them.

1. It's being claimed that our proposal would mean that the Council could not go ahead with the housing model which has been chosen for the site and for which EU funding has been secured. THIS IS UNTRUE. Our proposal simply means there would be two sites to develop instead of one, so there would be far more room to provide much-needed facilities in addition to the housing - including a Town Centre/Stadium. The housing would be delivered in whatever way Dublin City Council decided.

2. It's being claimed that our proposal would mean handing over public land to a private developer. THIS IS UNTRUE. We can provide a Town Centre for Inchicore on the site while it remains in public ownership.

3. It's being claimed that Richmond Park can't be developed for housing as it's a floodplain. THIS IS UNTRUE. Planning permission has previously been given for the neighbouring sites on both sides of the ground. There are straightforward engineering solutions to the floodplain issue.

4. It's being claimed that our proposal would involve substantial delays in delivering the much-needed housing. THIS IS UNTRUE. It's almost a year since the Council's plans were announced and not even a basic design has as yet been produced. We have a team of architects, engineers and project managers ready to hit the ground running.

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