News Stories From - 2014

General NewsJanuary, 3rdHAPPY BIRTHDAY LORCAN!
General NewsJanuary, 3rd2014 Opener Confirmed
General NewsJanuary, 10thClarke Creates History
General NewsJanuary, 10thLiam Lands Award
General NewsJanuary, 14thSaints In President's Cup
General NewsJanuary, 14thSetanta To Screen Opener
General NewsJanuary, 15thHappy Birthday Keith!
General NewsJanuary, 17thSaints' 2014 Squad No's!
General NewsJanuary, 18thTommy 'Longo' White RIP
General NewsJanuary, 19thForan Back With Pats
General NewsJanuary, 19thSaints Back To Business
General NewsJanuary, 21stVolunteer For The Saints!
General NewsJanuary, 29thBus To Ballinamallard
General NewsJanuary, 29thSaints At Campus Launch
General NewsFebruary, 3rdBayly In Irish U18 Squad
General NewsFebruary, 12thEA Sports Cup Draw
General NewsFebruary, 13thSponsor A Saint In 2014!
General NewsFebruary, 17thThe Saints Are Coming!
General NewsFebruary, 17thFahey Nets On Pats Return
General NewsFebruary, 19thSetanta Cup News
General NewsFebruary, 19thVolunteers Required
General NewsFebruary, 19thKillian/Ger Up For Award
General NewsFebruary, 19th2014 Season Tickets
General NewsFebruary, 20thFixture Changes
General NewsFebruary, 20thPre-Season Event
General NewsFebruary, 21stShop Open Saturday!
General NewsFebruary, 23rdBallinamallard Team News
General NewsFebruary, 24thRussell Joins Pat's Staff
General NewsFebruary, 24thLeinster Senior Cup Draw
General NewsFebruary, 24thFORRESTER GOAL SEALS WIN
General NewsFebruary, 25thPresident's Cup Final
General NewsFebruary, 26thPlayer Sponsorship
General NewsFebruary, 26thMulroney Gets U19 Call-Up
General NewsFebruary, 27thHiggins Excited For Pres Cup
General NewsFebruary, 27thAn Evening With The Saints
General NewsFebruary, 27thSt Pat's Prize Draw
General NewsFebruary, 28thThe Saint
General NewsFebruary, 28thPresident's Cup Team News
General NewsMarch, 2ndSaints Lift President's Cup
General NewsMarch, 2ndKeith Fahey's Goal
General NewsMarch, 2ndKillian Wins Award
General NewsMarch, 4thSupporters Bus
General NewsMarch, 7thSaints In Irish Action
General NewsMarch, 7thSeason Ticket Collection
General NewsMarch, 7thTeam News: Cork V Pat's
General NewsMarch, 8thFagan Strikes To Earn Point
General NewsMarch, 9thLynch Pleased With Point
General NewsMarch, 9thSetanta Sports Cup Tickets
General NewsMarch, 9thTeam News: Pats V B'mallard
General NewsMarch, 11th5 Star Saints Win!
General NewsMarch, 11thPats-Sligo In Setanta Semis
General NewsMarch, 11thUCD Tickets On Sale
General NewsMarch, 13thTeam News: Saints V UCD
General NewsMarch, 14thPats Win In Dramatic Fashion
General NewsMarch, 19thSetanta Cup Semi-Finals
General NewsMarch, 19thBe A Saints' Mascot!
General NewsMarch, 20thBus To Sligo
General NewsMarch, 20thEA Sports Cup Draw
General NewsMarch, 21stToday's Matchday Programme
General NewsMarch, 22ndLAST CHANCE For Pat's Raffle!
General NewsMarch, 22ndSaints-Limerick Team News
General NewsMarch, 22ndSaints Draw With Limerick
General NewsMarch, 24thSupporters Bus To Derry
General NewsMarch, 24thSligo-Pats Setanta Team News
General NewsMarch, 25thSaints Trail After 1st Leg
General NewsMarch, 27thTeam News: Derry V Pats
General NewsMarch, 28thSaints Draw In Brandywell
General NewsMarch, 31stSaints Vs Dundalk
General NewsApril, 2ndEA Sports Cup Game Confirmed
General NewsApril, 3rdTeam News: Pats-Dundalk
General NewsApril, 4thGet YOUR Copy Of The Saint
General NewsApril, 6thTeam News: Bray Vs Pat's
General NewsApril, 7thSaints Back To Winning Ways
General NewsApril, 8thDublin Derby Tickets
General NewsApril, 10thFixture Update
General NewsApril, 10thTeam News: Pat's Vs Rovers
General NewsApril, 11thKiller Strike Defeats Rovers
General NewsApril, 13thSupporters Bus To Drogheda
General NewsApril, 13thSetanta Cup News: Pats-Sligo
General NewsApril, 14thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsApril, 16thLeinster Senior Cup Match
General NewsApril, 17thSaints Vs Bohs
General NewsApril, 17thTeam News: Pat's Vs Bohs
General NewsApril, 18thSaints 3 - Bohs 1
General NewsApril, 20thSuspension News
General NewsApril, 20thIt Is What It Is!
General NewsApril, 20thTeam News: Drogheda-Pat's
General NewsApril, 21stSaints Win On The Road
General NewsApril, 22ndBusy Week For The Saints
General NewsApril, 24thAthlone Town Tickets
General NewsApril, 24thTeam News: Saints-Athlone
General NewsApril, 24thThe Saint
General NewsApril, 25thSaints 4 - Athlone 0
General NewsApril, 26thSupporters Bus To Sligo
General NewsApril, 28thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsApril, 29thFriday's Goals
General NewsApril, 30thCall Up For Mulroney
General NewsMay, 1stDVD Back In Stock
General NewsMay, 2ndUEFA License Confirmed
General NewsMay, 2ndTeam News: Sligo Vs Saints
General NewsMay, 3rdResult: Sligo 2 - Saints 2
General NewsMay, 5thEA Sports XI News: Bohs/Pats
General NewsMay, 6thPOTM Competition
General NewsMay, 6thResult: Bohs 3 - Saints 2
General NewsMay, 7thCork Tickets
General NewsMay, 7thGoals From The Showgrounds
General NewsMay, 7thGoals From Dalymount Park
General NewsMay, 8thPOTM Award For Forrester
General NewsMay, 8th2013 Champions DVD
General NewsMay, 8thTeam News: Pat's V Cork City
General NewsMay, 9thThe Saint (Vol 26 #9)
General NewsMay, 9thResult: Saints 3 - Cork 2
General NewsMay, 11thFAI Cup 2nd Round Draw
General NewsMay, 11thLeinster Senior Cup Semi-Final
General NewsMay, 11thSaints Drawn Against St Patrick's CY
General NewsMay, 12thSupporters Bus To Belfield
General NewsMay, 12thAll Saints Show
General NewsMay, 13thGoals From Cork Win
General NewsMay, 14thMay Fixtures
General NewsMay, 14thO'Brien To Join 100 Club
General NewsMay, 15thLeinster Senior Cup Details
General NewsMay, 15thForrester To Join 100 Club
General NewsMay, 15thTeam News: UCD-Pat's Team News
General NewsMay, 16thResult: UCD 1 Saints 1
General NewsMay, 17thFAI Cup GAme Confirmed
General NewsMay, 17thSupporters Bus To Limerick
General NewsMay, 18thHappy Birthday Conor!
General NewsMay, 20thPats/Rovers: Leinster Senior Cup
General NewsMay, 20thWorld Cup Prediction Coupons
General NewsMay, 21stLeinster Senior Cup Final
General NewsMay, 22ndJune/July Fixture Changes
General NewsMay, 22ndTeam News: Limerick V Saints
General NewsMay, 26thAll Saints Show
General NewsMay, 27thFAI Cup Tickets
General NewsMay, 27thDerry Tickets
General NewsMay, 27thSummer Friendly
General NewsMay, 29thMulroney Shines For ROI U19
General NewsMay, 29thFree Entry To Drogheda Match
General NewsMay, 30thWorld Cup Coupons
General NewsMay, 30th2013 Season Review DVD
General NewsMay, 30thTHE SAINT (VOL 26 #10)
General NewsMay, 30thSaints Put 5 Past Derry
General NewsMay, 31stHappy Birthday Rene
General NewsMay, 31stWorld Cup Competition - Play Online!
General NewsJune, 1stTeam News: PAT's V Drogheda
General NewsJune, 2ndSaints Hits Drogs For Six
General NewsJune, 3rdFAI Cup Tickets
General NewsJune, 5thMay POTM COMPETITION
General NewsJune, 5thTHE SAINT (VOL 26 #11)
General NewsJune, 5thFAI Ford Cup Team News
General NewsJune, 6thSaints Progress In Cup
General NewsJune, 9thAll Saints Show
General NewsJune, 9thFAI Cup 3rd Round Draw
General NewsJune, 9thAberdeen Friendly
General NewsJune, 9thClub Merchandise
General NewsJune, 9thSt Pat's World Cup Competition
General NewsJune, 10thDundalk Tickets
General NewsJune, 11thLate Night Opening
General NewsJune, 11thPatron Saints Astro Blitz
General NewsJune, 11thNew Online Store
General NewsJune, 12thTeam News: Dundalk Vs PAT'S
General NewsJune, 13thSaints Held Scoreless
General NewsJune, 13thKenny Browne After Dundalk Draw
General NewsJune, 15thChampions League News
General NewsJune, 16thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsJune, 16thAberdeen Tickets
General NewsJune, 18thAstro Blitz
General NewsJune, 23rdShamrock Rovers Tickets
General NewsJune, 23rdThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsJune, 23rdChampions League Draw
General NewsJune, 23rdSaints Face Legia Warszawa
General NewsJune, 24thAwaiting Confirmation On First Leg Match
General NewsJune, 25thSetanta To Screen Bohs Match
General NewsJune, 25th1st Leg Confirmed For Warsaw
General NewsJune, 26thSaints-Bray Team News
General NewsJune, 27thPrediction Competition Update
General NewsJune, 27thFixture Update
General NewsJune, 27thSeason Tickets
General NewsJune, 27thSaints Close Gap With Win
General NewsJuly, 1st[Update] Tickets For Friday's Game
General NewsJuly, 2ndFagan To Join 100 Club
General NewsJuly, 2ndLate Night Opening
General NewsJuly, 3rdChampions League Venue
General NewsJuly, 4thRovers Allocation SOLD OUT
General NewsJuly, 4thTeam News: Rovers Vs Saints
General NewsJuly, 5thRovers 2 - Saints 1
General NewsJuly, 6thKenny Joins 100 Club
General NewsJuly, 7thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsJuly, 9thChampions League Tickets
General NewsJuly, 10thTeam News: Bohemians-Saints
General NewsJuly, 11thSeason Tickets Reminder
General NewsJuly, 11thSaturday Opening Hours
General NewsJuly, 11thBohs 1 - Saints 1
General NewsJuly, 11thNews For Travelling Fans
General NewsJuly, 11thSetanta To Show Match
General NewsJuly, 14thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsJuly, 14thRussell Departs
General NewsJuly, 15thThird Qualifying Round Draw
General NewsJuly, 15thSaints Arrive In Warsaw
General NewsJuly, 15thTickets On General Sale
General NewsJuly, 15thSaints Train In Warsaw
General NewsJuly, 16thLegia Warsaw Press Conference
General NewsJuly, 16thClub Statement
General NewsJuly, 16thLegia 1 - Saints 1
General NewsJuly, 17th2nd Leg Tickets
General NewsJuly, 17thSetanta To Show 2nd Leg
General NewsJuly, 18th3rd Round Draw
General NewsJuly, 18thKR Reykjavík/Celtic Await Winners
General NewsJuly, 21stMain Stand Sold Out
General NewsJuly, 21stThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsJuly, 21stMore Tickets Available
General NewsJuly, 22ndSUPPORTERS BUS TO Athlone
General NewsJuly, 22ndTHE SAINT (European Edition)
General NewsJuly, 22ndThe All Saints Show Goes To Warsaw
General NewsJuly, 22ndLegia Warsaw Press Conference
General NewsJuly, 23rdFew Tickets Remaining
General NewsJuly, 23rdMatch Sold Out
General NewsJuly, 23rdSaints 0 - Legia 5
General NewsJuly, 24thFAI Cup Draw Tomorrow
General NewsJuly, 24thSaints Return To League Action
General NewsJuly, 25thFAI Cup Draw
General NewsJuly, 30thSeason Tickets Still Available
General NewsJuly, 30thSligo Rovers Tickets
General NewsJuly, 31stGreene Signs For Saints
General NewsJuly, 31stBayly Signs Pro Forms
General NewsJuly, 31stLynch Leaves Saints
General NewsJuly, 31stPatron Saints Looking For New Members
General NewsJuly, 31stSaints-Sligo Team News
General NewsAugust, 1stSaints Win Entertaining Game
General NewsAugust, 7thTeam News: Cork Vs Saints
General NewsAugust, 8thSaints Lose In Cork
General NewsAugust, 11thLeinster Senior Cup Final
General NewsAugust, 12thUCD Tickets
General NewsAugust, 12thFAI Cup 3rd Round Match
General NewsAugust, 13thSuspension News
General NewsAugust, 14thTeam News: St Pat's Vs UCD
General NewsAugust, 15th10-Man Saints Defeat Students
General NewsAugust, 18thSaints Face Limerick Tonight
General NewsAugust, 18thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsAugust, 18thHome Run Comes To An End
General NewsAugust, 19thFAI Cup Tickets
General NewsAugust, 19thMerchandise Giveaway!
General NewsAugust, 19thPatrons Membership Offer
General NewsAugust, 22ndSaints In Cup Action
General NewsAugust, 22ndRTÉ Two To Show St Pat’s V Dundalk On Sept 5th
General NewsAugust, 22ndSaints And Shels To Do It All Again
General NewsAugust, 24thFAI Cup Draw
General NewsAugust, 25thGilmartin Moves On
General NewsAugust, 25thCup Replay
General NewsAugust, 25thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsAugust, 26thQuarter Final Draw
General NewsAugust, 26thCup Game Refixed
General NewsAugust, 29thTeam News
General NewsAugust, 29thSaints Win IN Derry
General NewsAugust, 30thUnder 19 League Commences
General NewsSeptember, 1stAll Saints Show
General NewsSeptember, 1stBig Week For The Saints
General NewsSeptember, 1stSaints Win Cup Replay
General NewsSeptember, 2ndTickets For Friday's Game
General NewsSeptember, 2ndNew Merchandise
General NewsSeptember, 3rdSigned Jerseys Up For Grabs
General NewsSeptember, 4thEarly Bird Tickets
General NewsSeptember, 5thLeaders Visit Richmond
General NewsSeptember, 5thUnder 19s Fixture
General NewsSeptember, 5thSaints Close Gap On Leaders
General NewsSeptember, 6th2K Raised For Temple Street
General NewsSeptember, 7thSaints 4 - Finn Harps 0
General NewsSeptember, 7thFinal Matches Poster
General NewsSeptember, 8thSilverware Up For Grabs
General NewsSeptember, 9thSaints Win Leinster Snr Cup
General NewsSeptember, 10thFAI Cup Tickets
General NewsSeptember, 10thRTÉ Two To Show Bray V St Pat’s
General NewsSeptember, 10thSaints Vs Bohs
General NewsSeptember, 11thPats-Bohs FAI Cup Team News
General NewsSeptember, 12thDVD Just €5
General NewsSeptember, 13thSaints Into Semis
General NewsSeptember, 15thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsSeptember, 16th2014 Awards Night
General NewsSeptember, 16thUnder 19s Fixture
General NewsSeptember, 16thFAI Ford Cup Goals
General NewsSeptember, 18thSemi-Finals Draw
General NewsSeptember, 18thPatrons New Members Draw
General NewsSeptember, 18thTeam News: Bray Vs Saints
General NewsSeptember, 18thBohs Game Moved
General NewsSeptember, 19thSaints Win At Seaside
General NewsSeptember, 21stUpcoming Fixtures
General NewsSeptember, 22ndDublin Derby Tickets
General NewsSeptember, 22ndThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsSeptember, 22ndSemi Final Details
General NewsSeptember, 23rdUpdated Poster
General NewsSeptember, 24thSuspension News
General NewsSeptember, 25thTeam News: Saints Vs Rovers
General NewsSeptember, 26thTHE SAINT (VOL 26 #20)
General NewsSeptember, 27thSaints 1 - Rovers 1
General NewsSeptember, 28thAwards Night Voting Slips
General NewsSeptember, 29thBohs Tickets
General NewsSeptember, 29thSemi Final Tickets
General NewsSeptember, 29thDublin Derby Preview
General NewsSeptember, 30thSaints 3 - Bohs 1
General NewsOctober, 1stSaints Prepare For Cup Semi
General NewsOctober, 2ndChampions League Football At Richmond
General NewsOctober, 3rdFAI Cup Preview: Pats-Harps
General NewsOctober, 5thSaints Hit Harps For Six
General NewsOctober, 6thThe All Saints Radio Show
General NewsOctober, 7thAwards Night Entertainment
General NewsOctober, 7thPat's & Derry To Contest 2014 Final
General NewsOctober, 8thSUPPORTERS BUS TO UNITED Park
General NewsOctober, 9thRaheny United Call On Home Support For UEFA Tie
General NewsOctober, 9thHappy Birthday Derek!
General NewsOctober, 10thTeam News: Drogheda Vs PAT'S
General NewsOctober, 11thDrogs 2 - Saints 3
General NewsOctober, 14thTickets On Sale For Last Home Game
General NewsOctober, 14thFundraising Table Quiz
General NewsOctober, 15thSt Pat's Survey
General NewsOctober, 16thTeam News: ST PAT'S V Athlone
General NewsOctober, 17thCup Final Tickets
General NewsOctober, 17thSaints 0 - Athlone 2
General NewsOctober, 19thUpcoming Fixtures
General NewsOctober, 19thCup Final Merchandise Available
General NewsOctober, 20thShow Your Support!
General NewsOctober, 20thAll Saints Show
General NewsOctober, 20thBus For Final League Game
General NewsOctober, 21stFagan Nominated For POTY
General NewsOctober, 22ndLate Night Opening
General NewsOctober, 22ndFAI Cup 2014 - St Pat's, The Road To The Aviva
General NewsOctober, 24thSaints & Winners
General NewsOctober, 24thCup Final Tickets Update
General NewsOctober, 24thCup Final Posters
General NewsOctober, 24thFagan And Byrne On Target
General NewsOctober, 25thCup Final Messages
General NewsOctober, 25thThe Black Lion - Supporting The Saints
General NewsOctober, 26thCALLING ALL EX-PATS
General NewsOctober, 28thTicket Office Open Today
General NewsOctober, 28thLate Night Opening
General NewsOctober, 28thLead Out The Saints On Sunday
General NewsOctober, 29thSaints In The News
General NewsOctober, 29thSaints Supporters HQ
General NewsOctober, 30thAwards Night Tickets
General NewsOctober, 30thCup Final Events
General NewsOctober, 30thTicket Sales Update
General NewsOctober, 31stGood Luck Messages
General NewsOctober, 31stCup Final Meal Deal!
General NewsNovember, 3rdFagan Hits Brace As Saints Secure FAI Cup
General NewsNovember, 4thCup Final Goals Uploaded
General NewsNovember, 5thHoare Gets U'21 Call Up
General NewsNovember, 5thCup Final Gallery
General NewsNovember, 6thCup At Richmond
General NewsNovember, 6thMcGrath Gets U'19 Call Up
General NewsNovember, 7thFagan Wins PFAI POTY
General NewsNovember, 10thAwards Night Takes Place On Saturday
General NewsNovember, 11thSaints Sign Trio!
General NewsNovember, 12thSaints With U'21 Caps
General NewsNovember, 13thLate Night Opening
General NewsNovember, 13thDunne Re-united With FAI Cup
General NewsNovember, 13thMcGrath Gets Irish U19 Cap
General NewsNovember, 15th2014 Awards Night Winners
General NewsNovember, 16th2014 Awards Night Pics
General NewsNovember, 17th2015 Away Jersey
General NewsNovember, 18thSaints Sign Duo!
General NewsNovember, 20th2015 Season Kick-off
General NewsNovember, 20th2015 Season Tickets
General NewsNovember, 22ndPre-Order Your Jersey Today
General NewsNovember, 24thForrester Re-Signs For 2015
General NewsNovember, 26thFagan Named SSE Airtricity/SWAI Player Of The Month For November
General NewsNovember, 28thNew Jersey Goes On Sale Tomorrow
General NewsNovember, 30thUnder 19s Update
General NewsNovember, 30thJerseys Selling Fast
General NewsDecember, 2ndSuspension News
General NewsDecember, 2ndSeason Tickets Offer
General NewsDecember, 16thThe Year We Won The Cup!
General NewsDecember, 16thSaints-Hoops On Opening Day
General NewsDecember, 16thVideo: Ger & Conan
General NewsDecember, 17thShop Opening Hours
General NewsDecember, 17thI've Never Kicked A Ball That Far In My Life!
General NewsDecember, 18thLiam Buckley: 'Sharing The Moment'
General NewsDecember, 22ndClub Shop Open Tomorrow
General NewsDecember, 24thPlayers Say Happy Christmas