Brian Cash

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Brian is an experienced winger having previously players for Nottingham Forest, Swansea City (loan), Rochdale (loan), Derry City and Sligo Rovers.

Signed for the Saints for the 2010 season having spent three seasons at The Showgrounds.

Brian will add some valuable experience to Pete Mahon's young squad.

Previous Clubs: Sligo Rovers, Derry City, Bristol Rovers, Rochdale, Swansea City, Nottingham Forest


Minutes Played


Goals Scored

Personal Stats

Appearances (50)

Goals (1)

Date Competition Home Team Away Team
October, 22nd 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Bray Wanderers0REPORT
October, 19th 2010FAI CupSt Patrick's Athletic0Shamrock Rovers1REPORT
October, 17th 2010FAI CupShamrock Rovers2St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
October, 2nd 2010LeagueSporting Fingal2St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
September, 24th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Dundalk2REPORT
September, 18th 2010FAI CupSt Patrick's Athletic3Sporting Fingal1REPORT
September, 13th 2010LeagueUCD3St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
September, 10th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Shamrock Rovers3REPORT
September, 3rd 2010LeagueGalway United1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
August, 27th 2010FAI CupSt Patrick's Athletic2Belgrove FC0REPORT
August, 23rd 2010LeagueSporting Fingal2St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
August, 20th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Sligo Rovers0REPORT
July, 30th 2010LeagueBohemians1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
July, 25th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Sporting Fingal1REPORT
July, 18th 2010LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic3REPORT
July, 9th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2UCD1REPORT
July, 5th 2010LeagueShamrock Rovers2St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
July, 2nd 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic4Galway United2REPORT
June, 26th 2010LeagueSligo Rovers0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
June, 8th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic3Bray Wanderers0REPORT
June, 4th 2010FAI CupDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
May, 10th 2010League CupSt Patrick's Athletic2Bray Wanderers0REPORT
May, 3rd 2010LeagueUCD1St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
April, 30th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Shamrock Rovers2REPORT
April, 26th 2010LeagueGalway United0St Patrick's Athletic2REPORT
April, 23rd 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic1Sligo Rovers0REPORT
April, 20th 2010LeagueBray Wanderers0St Patrick's Athletic4REPORT
April, 9th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Drogheda United1REPORT
April, 6th 2010LeagueBohemians1St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
April, 2nd 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic0Sporting Fingal0REPORT
March, 26th 2010LeagueDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic0REPORT
March, 22nd 2010Leinster Senior CupSt Patrick's Athletic0Drogheda United1REPORT
March, 5th 2010LeagueSt Patrick's Athletic2Galway United0REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
June, 4th 2010FAI CupDundalk0St Patrick's Athletic1REPORT
Date Competition Home Team Away Team
Date Competition Home Team Away Team