Match Report

Match Info

Date: 03/04/2009
Competition: League
Venue: Carlisle Grounds

Home Team

O'Connor; Webster, Foran, Deans, Massey; Kelly, Brennan, Shields, McCabe; Byrne, Flood. Subs: Mulroy, Coughlan, Forsyth, Doyle, Kane. `

Away Team

Rogers; Lynch, Gavin, Partridge, Stevens; Guy, Byrne, Cawley, Ryan; Moran, Quigley. Subs: Clarke, Harris, Freimanis, G. Fitzpatrick, Lester.


Referee: D. Tomney

Goal Scorers

Yellow Cards

Red Cards

Bray Wanderers 2 - St Patrick's Athletic 1

20: Cawley tries to slip Byrne in but he's beaten to it and concedes a free kick on the edge of the Bray area.
21: Partridge conceded a free in about 30 yards out.
22: Free evades everybody including (luckily) the Bray attacker who sneaked in around the back post unmarked.
23: The ref gives a free out to Bray for some unknown reason
24: Cawley does well to win the ball back in the middle and set up another attack....
26: God this place is cold - still fairly even here in every way. Decent game though as both sides try to play football, pity the ref feels the need to blow for everything so far.
27: Partridge does well to get the ball back to Rogers but he miskicks and luckily it goes wide for a corner to Bray
27: Guy miskicks when trying to clear and Bray shout for handball but Pats get it away.
28: Partridge does well to avert another Bray attack - throw in for the seagulls.
29: Pats are defending from the front withh good work from Ryan Guy in particular closing down the left back.
30: PArtridge slips on the edge of the area but the shot is striaght at Rogers
31: Good ball in from Ryan is easily saved
32: Moran does well from a Lynch throw to win a corner
33: Cawley corner finds Gain but his shot is deflected wide, another corner...this time finds Guy but his shot is blocked
34: Jason Gavin turns into a tricky right winger, beats the full back and crosses for Moran but he's dispossessed
36: Another shot from distance from Bray, no danger as it drifts wide
36: Another Bray shot is blocked by Partridge - corner Bray
37: Rogers does well to claim the corner
38: Partridge does well again after Guy gives the ball away - throw in BRay
39: Another corner for out to Pats.
40: High challenge from stephen Brennan on ALan Cawley, nothing too bad - free to Pats which comes to nothing
41: Moran tries to play Quigley in but Foran does well to intercept.
43: Brillian skill from Quigley who played Guy in. His cross was locked, corner. Looked like handball to me.
43: Corner cleared but finds it way to Lynch who is fouled - free in
44 Free kick is cleared to Stuart Byrne and his shot is blocked.
44: Brilliant play from Quigley again but too deep.
45: Last minute of the first half - even enough but not a great game for the last tweny minutes.
45: There'll only be one minute of added time thank God
Half-Time: Nil Nil here at the Carlisle Grounds.
HT: half of the flood lights have gone out - this could be interesting.

After a complete power failure most of the lights are back on and the teams are on the pitch warming up

46: Bray get the second half underway....eventually!
46: Doesn't look like there are any changes on either side
46: Lynch's cross is cleared by Brennan.
47: McCabe's shot is easily held by Rogers
47: Byrne's shot is easily held by Rogers
48: Bohs lost 1-0 to Cork
49: Byrne is sent through for Bray and his half volley is just tipped over by Rogers. Ref gives a goal kick
50: Free kick to Bray 35 yards out conceded by Guy.
50: Shot from Massey goes all the way through and is saved by Rogers.
51: Bray have started the second half livelier than Pats
52: Good play in the middle from Stuey Byrne sends Ryan down the left - throw in pats
53: Lynch does great down the right, beats two and gets a shot in but good save by O'Connor - that's better Pats
54: Foul throw from Damian Lynch - woops
55: Free kick in the middle of the park for Bray - the ref loves his whistle
56: Substitution for the Saints - Lester replaces Cawley
56: Free in for Pats on the touchline half way into the Bray half
57: Taken by Lester but cleared to Guy, his cross falls for Partridge but he fires wide on the volley from 6 yards out with his right foot.
58: There's a strong wind against Pats in the second half and they haven't got used to it yet. Improvement needed if we've to get three points
59: Guy does well and Byrne plays it to stevens but it goes out for a Bray throw in.
60: Free out to Pats - its bloody cold
62: Byrne plays it over the top for Quigley but his volley goes just wide
63: Free in to Bray...cleared easily but Byrne slips and Bray are back on the attack, but it comes to nothing.
65: Yellow card for Lester, appears to be for dissent, free kick bray for hand ball.
66: Other full times - Derry 1 Galway 1 and Drogheda 2 Shamrock 2.
68: Guy tries to flick one through and it comes off Foran's arm but no penalty.
68: Substitution for Pats - Glenn Fitzpatrick replaces Kyle Moran.
70: Fitzpatrick and Ryan link well up the line and Ryan shoots but it goes wide - good play.
71:Gavin makes another storming run up the right but it comes to nothing
71: Free in to Pats is volleyed in by Quigley goal...but its disallowed for offside - how....Bray break down the opther end, the striker brings it by Rogers who takes him down- penalty bray.
73: yellow card for rogers and for Quigley for dissent.
74: Bray score the penalty - one nil.
75: Referee is consulting the linesman and fourth official for some reason
76: Big test now for the Saints.
77: Bray shot deflected but Rogers saves
78: Free in for Bray - awful awful decision. He's booking Fitz now...just a warning
78: Free is headed clear
79: Substitution for Bray - Mulroy replaces Flood
80: Scrappy now, no football from either side
81: Substition for Bray - Coughlan replaces Kelly
82: We just can't get the ball in a decent position, very frustrating, no sign of us even getting a chance.
83: Lester over the top for Guy, corner Saints...cleared as far as Quigley but his shot is blocked and cleared.
84: Free in for Pats, reaches Gavin unmarked but he heads wide
85: Fitz is fouled on the are but play on, Ryan goes round the keeper and tries to cut it back but its cleared for a corner
86: Head tennis from the corner before it falls to Guy but his shot is straight at O'Connor who saves easily
87: Free in Pats...cleared...and again, throw in now.
88: Ball almost finds Quilgey at the back post but is cleared, Quigs shot is then blocked on the line....corner now.
89: too long...guys cross is then headed clear and bray are ob the attack - brilliant from Lynch. Free in to Bray now though.
90: Last minute here and the Bray player is down on the edge of the area.
90: Bray substitution - Webster is replaced by Doyle.
90: Free is saved by Rogers.
91: Saints back on the attack...Quigley is trying to beat them on his own and wins a free kick.
92: Lester takes, into the ****wall
93: Free out now to Bray - that should be it.
94: yellow card for Bray keeper
94: oNE ALL - Stuey Byrne heads into an empty net from twenty yards after Quigley's shot is saved by O'Connor
96: Free in Bray, Partridge gives away a silly free.
96: Bray score - oh dear.
Full Time: 2-1 Bray